Struggles with Chronic Sinus Infections – Patient Testimonial

Struggles with Chronic Sinus Infections – Patient Testimonial

In the early 70’s, I did a tour of duty during the Vietnam War lasting 14-months. Four months into my tour, I developed significant sinus issues (they said I had a “fungal infection” – didn’t know that was possible) that simply would not go away. Southeast Asia is a hot, humid, wet environment and long “in country” experiences complicated both my recovery and treatment.

Most of the remainder of my tour, I was taking one or several prescription medications to alleviate the problem. Interventions sometimes helped to moderate some of the symptomology, but never resolved the problem. Returning to the States, I spent the next 45+ years battling chronic sinusitis. Allergy shots, antibiotics, steroids, nasal sprays, nasal corticosteroids, decongestants were my constant companion.

By late 2016, I was constantly on medication having had a total of 5 full-blown sinus infections in 2015 (I was treated for 5, but am not sure I ever got over the first one). My overall health and energy was waning as was my sense of hope for relief. Then I found Dr. Andrew Pugliese, MD. He would have to give you the technical information, but from my perspective, he cared. He cared enough to really listen, understand my history and my struggle.

He did a nasal swab (again, a layperson’s language) and sent it off for DNA testing. Holy Cow! It came back with a plethora of “visitors” in my head that had taken up permanent residence. He prescribed a “cocktail” of drugs, compounded into a powder, I used 2x a day for the next 6-months. This “cocktail” uniquely targeted my “visitors.”

Gradually, I began to breathe again; had less pressure and pain; face began to be something I simply observed vs. felt throbbing; drainage slowed, then stopped and thankfully, my energy began to return. Within 6-months, I felt like I had not felt in decades. The quality of my sleep improved radically, which in turn, contributed to the improvement of my energy and overall health.

Since the beginning of treatment with “Dr. P”, now going on 3-years, I have not had a single sinus infection. At the first sign of any symptoms, I resume the rinse protocol until they abate. Three years with no steroids, no antibiotics, no allergy medicine (I live in Atlanta folks, pollen capital of the world), no nasal corticosteroids, no decongestants. What a difference. I have become an evangelist for “Dr. P’s” medical care and expertise! These interventions have made a profound difference in the quality of my life and are daily adding “life” to my years.

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