Mosquitos & Ticks, Summer’s Enemy!

Mosquitos & Ticks, Summer’s Enemy!

Summer Bugs, Memories You Don’t Want to Take Home

It’s summer time! Time to get that gorgeous tan (with SPF of course), explore the outdoors, and plan those family vacations! When participating in these adventures and outdoor activities, it is important to remember the summer sun also brings out its creepy crawly residents. Prepare yourself, whether you’re traveling to the beach or starting a wooded hike.

mosquitos atlantaInsects are hosts to some of the most dangerous diseases and culminate in the summer at some of the most popular vacation destinations. When these infected insects come in contact with people sometimes it can be more than an irritating itch and sting. Many of these deadly and serious diseases tend to have symptoms that can be similar to the common flu but the underlying issue can be far more serious.

Mosquitos love the beaches almost more than we do! Mosquitos breed in the hot and humid areas and nest in standing water. In some areas of the world, mosquitos are carries of West Nile Virus, and Dengue fever. Mild symptoms can be fever, disorientation, headache, nausea, and weakness. West Nile and Dengue fever require the treatment of a medical professional and need to be taken seriously.

Ticks as well, are another common host of disease. Ticks live in wooded areas and can be transmitted by other animals even a household pet if they are in the right conditions. Ticks can carry Lyme disease, a very painful and sometimes late diagnosed condition. This disease also starts with flu-like conditions but left untreated can lead to many other issues. Some of the symptoms of Lyme disease include arthritis, constant migraines, nervous system damage, heart complications, and weekend immune system. Once again make sure you seek professional medical care and are always aware of your health and what your body might be telling you. The danger of these infections is that sometimes they can hide and not be properly treated.

Now, of course not every insect is a carrier of a serious disease, but I am speaking on the rare event of an infected bug. Majority of the time Mosquitos and ticks greatest harm is that they are just plain annoying. Don’t let mosquitoes and ticks stop you from enjoying your summer weather, protect yourself with proper attire and bug spray. Have a great summer!

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