Silent Reflux and Sinusitis

Silent Reflux and Sinusitis

Do You Have Reflux & Not Even Know?

As I have discussed before, there many other factors to managing your chronic sinusitis. A silent, but often hazardous major factor that allergy and sinusitis sufferers deal with is Laryngopharyngeal Reflux (LPR).  LPR  is similar to Gastroesophageal Reflux (GERD) without the obvious upset stomach and heartburn.

Relux and sinus infectionsMost patients with LPR are unaware of the constant gastrointestinal acid that accumulates in their throat, particularly, when they are sleeping. Patients experiencing LPR usual have a feeling of a lump in their throat, dry cough, and chronic sinus infections. As with GERD, the danger with LPR is bacteria from your stomach acid that travels through your sinus cavity harvesting colonies and resulting in infection. To better manage and prevent sinus infections it is important to address all the contributing factors.

LPR can easily be managed through a lifestyle and diet change, and over the counter antacid medication.  A key factor is to monitor your diet by staying away from foods that trigger reflux like heavy base red sauces, hot sauces, chocolate, spicy foods, alcohol, and peppermint. Late night eating and a sedentary lifestyle can increase LPR flare-ups.  Hope this helps! I’m always open to questions and feedback!

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