Health Update – Maddie W.

Health Update – Maddie W.

Health Update – Maddie W.

Hello Dr. P,

I am writing you by email to update you on my current health status, as I feel you may enjoy hearing the ways your medical practice has changed my life for the better.

As you know via the updates from my family, I moved to Denver, CO three years ago. This move was heavily inspired by a
recommendation from you when we realized I may actually be allergic to Atlanta, to move to a dry climate. Since this move, I have only improved health-wise and have reached a point where I am not only stable and functional to hold down a full-time job and the responsibilities of an adult life, but I have been able to challenge my body athletically in a way I haven’t been able to since my completive swimming days. I would like to point out a few events to you that have happened only been able to happen because you treated me as a patient AND a person. Plus, to the doctors who told me my symptoms were “all in my head,” I think you may appreciate this comeback.

At the end of the summer I hiked a 14er mountain-which is essentially a hike up to one of the highest altitudes in the country. The mountain I hiked 4 miles up and back to the top of Grey’s Peak, which is 14,270ft. The view was unreal.

In August, I swam a 10k (marathon swim) at 8,000ft in a mountain lake that was 60°. This is the highest altitude marathon swim peace in the United States. I included pictures of this below-it required a wetsuit as I would have been in danger of getting hypothermia otherwise.

Thank you for listening to me and taking me seriously when I sought medical care for my symptoms and thank you for recommending sustainable solutions to my health. This combination is what has differentiated me from existing
in my life to actually living my life. Please do share this email or the pictures with other patients or whoever you would like to share within the medical community. The world needs to be taking notes from you.

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