What is the Zika Virus?

What is the Zika Virus?

How Did the Zika Virus Get Here?

The Zika virus epidemic is a perfect example of how a pandemic can start. It was originally described in Uganda back in the late 40’s and in the last 70 years has now made its way to the Southern United States. Florida has now declared a Zika state of emergency because of nine reported cases.

It is spread by mosquitoes like other viruses such as Dengue and Yellow Fever, but, there have been documented cases of the virus being sexually transmitted.

zika virus infographic

The disease itself is not life-threatening and mild unless you’re pregnant then there is the potential for microcephaly to occur through mother to baby transmission. That’s the scary part because there is no vaccine at this time.

The amazing part of this epidemic is the rapid spread from Africa to South America and now North America and the Caribbean in approximately a two-year period of time. This should serve as a reminder of just how rapidly a highly virulent and lethal virus could be if we are not vigilant.

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