Goodbye Tissues! – Patient Struggling with Chronic Sinusitis

Goodbye Tissues! – Patient Struggling with Chronic Sinusitis

Patient Struggling With Chronic Sinusitis

A Patient Testimonial
By Mary
“To my fellow sinus sufferers, don’t despair, there is a new treatment plan out there.  I have finally found relief after 10 years of chronic sinusitis.  I was referred to Dr. Andrew Pugliese in January 2014 through ENT Institute.  Dr. P designed a treatment plan that has had miraculous results for me. My sinuses have cleared up and my breathing has greatly improved.  After 3 months of breathing treatments,  I can smell and taste again and am no longer in need of my daily or rescue inhaler.
My energy level has greatly improved.  Tennis, gardening and exercising with my dog are enjoyable even during Springtime and the pollen.  Goodbye tissues! “
Atlanta, GA

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